Brain Food

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”

- Norman Vincent Peale -

About Me

  Make a Difference with Your Life.
    Every tombstone has a dash between the day one is born and the day one dies.
How will you spend your dash?


This “about me” section is a work in continuous progress. It’s about my life and those I love. As I begin this journey, I will be honest and truthful in hopes that what you read and see will be of some positive and uplifting value to you.

A brief note as to my narrative style: Highlighted words and phrases are links, so when clicked, will direct you to what I consider important additional information. I’m saying this so you will be aware of the continuing nature of such a project as this.

I was born on October 18, 1946 at University Hospital, Augusta, Georgia. I consider myself to be a member of the “Lucky Sperm Club.” Not in the traditional sense of wealth and privilege, but in love.

My parents and grand parents, along with my aunts and uncle’s raised me in a super supportive nurturing family environment. It was a long time before I knew about hate, poverty, disappointment, and failure. My aunt Esther, who was my de-facto, mom would remind me: “Sammy! These are the best years of your life.” I didn’t understand what she meant at the time, but now I have good idea. In many ways, she was right.

I was around three years of age, when I discovered who I was as a spiritual being, but lacked the communication skill to express myself to others. Obviously, I will be expanding on this theme later in my saga. Suffice it to say I began to live Psalm 37. It is as, we Mason’s, say: “My rule and guide for my faith and practice throughout life’s journey.”

I married Priscilla Noma Boykin in Detroit, Michigan at the age of Twenty-one. On our wedding day, my God spoke to me, saying she would make a great mom for my children. She was and is proving God does not lie.

Priscilla and I were blessed with five children. Sandra and Nicole were born in Detroit, Michigan. Samantha was born in Dallas, Texas, and made her transition to the next life at the age of three. She passed at Parkland General Hospital and I carried her in my arms to the spirit world, but I did not stay.

My two youngest, Susan-Samantha, and John-Joseph Calvin (JJ), entered this plane of existence while we lived on Long Island, New York. They were born at Smithtown General Hospital.

I was honored to have been present at the birth of each of my children. It took the birth of my son (JJ) to actually watch the event

So far, I have no grandchildren. I’m okay with that situation although, Priscilla would love to be called “Gram’s.” Each of my daughters, Sandra, Nicole, and Susan-Samantha are married, but have not become mothers as of this writing. My son, JJ, is single, but has been in a “committed relationship,” for several years with Kito Nzingha, whom he met while in school at the State University of New York, Binghamton. I call her super woman, as she has obtained the “approval” of all the important women in his life. (Smile)